The engagement session

The engagement session is a couple session that occurs before the wedding day. In my opinion, this session is very important because it offers many advantages for my future brides and grooms. Therefore, the engagement session is included in most wedding collections that I propose.

To get used with the camera and the photographer

The first advantage is that an engagement session is the opportunity for my future brides and grooms to become familiar with the lens. It’s not easy for everyone to be in front of a camera. How to be natural in a situation that is not? Yet, the exercise is easier than it seems to be.

The key point lies in the relationship of trust we will have established through all the process and all our previous exchanges. I use the precious information you have provided to me about your beautiful love story to customize your engagement session and make you feel comfortable. At the beginning of the engagement session, I am used to guide you to take away the potential apprehensions that you may have due to my presence. Stress is always present at the beginning of the session, but it dissipates gradually, giving way to laughter and complicity. Finally, the engagement session allows you to be more comfortable and natural in front of the camera on the day of your wedding, which will allow me to write your memories in the most faithful way.

To live a unique experience

In my opinion, the second advantage is a consequence of the first one. Once the apprehensions are removed, you will enjoy to be together in a different context of the everyday life. This engagement session is an opportunity to live a beautiful experience. It’s like a poetic bubble that takes you in the footsteps of your love. It is therefore very important for me to customize your session according to your personality. Thus, the session can be done at the edge of the beach, feet in the water ; during a picnic under the olive trees, or during a walk in Provencal villages. The important thing is to live an experience that you will enjoy remembering and sharing with your loved ones.

To get precious treasures

The engagement session will allow you to get precious memories of your love. I seek the perfect light, the ideal composition to sublimate your complicity and your connivance. Above all, I love imaging on paper which is not tangible. I love to reveal the visual and natural expressions that reflect to your emotions. This is what gives value to an image in my opinion. You will then have in your hands a precious testimony of your love story.

To use the images for your wedding invitations

The engagement session gives to my brides and grooms beautiful images that can be used to illustrate their wedding save the date and invitations.

Before your engagement session, I usually guide you and give you all the advices you need to prepare the shooting. If you want to know the course of a session, you can consult this page. See you soon for your engagement session.


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