My story begins in Epernay, a small city in Champagne region, where I lived beautiful years during my childhood. With my brothers, we lived a strong fraternal complicity. I have always been a creative and passionate person. I loved creating new things, painting, drawing or even playing music (well … the flute, yes I know, nobody is perfect!). These activities allowed me to escape and dream, but I was not totally aware of this. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, I was used to walk within the french champagne vineyards to listen and contemplate the beauty of Nature.

Always looking for new experiences, I then left my native city to go in the south of France in Montpellier. There, I studied for many years rocks to discover their best kept secrets. Geology is an exciting field that transports us through time.

I did not have a camera in my hands during my childhood. I discovered photography thanks to a friend who offered me her camera. It was a real revelation for me. I could then express my sensibility, I could suspend time whenever I wanted and remember my past treasures everyday. Since then, I quickly understood the value of an image and I became aware of my attraction for the artistic field. I could not ignore it anymore. Now I live with my family in South of France between Montpellier and Alès. Laughter and joy are parts of my everyday life. I love enjoying every moment that life offers us and doing what I love: to be a photographer.



My vision is simple: “Life is beautiful and made of little things”. I remember it everyday to appreciate each moment.
« Walking together on the beach on a summer evening. Running together in the rain, to stop you and give you a kiss. enjoying sun and embracing on a terrasse of coffee. Picnicing and laughing in family under the olive trees. Saying I love you to escape towards new things. »
All these fleeting moments and signs of love, although ephemeral, have a meaning and a great value. They are the fruits of our emotions. I want you to remember the flavor of each of them, to offer you a tangible memory of your love. I want to offer you a witness of your beautiful story because it is unique and needs to be told. I wish to offer you a precious treasure, a family heirlooms that you will be proud to present to your children, your grand children and that you will pass on to future generations.

To create unique memories

You get it, love stories inspire me. I like to understand the essence and the uniqueness of a story. I find my inspiration in my surroundings, cinema, nature and lovers. I love capturing a discreet smile, a proud look, a tear of joy and other natural expressions of you and your loved ones. My photography evokes feelings of tenderness and affection. Each image must be a visual expression of your emotions. Each of them has a role in the narration of your story. I tell it with soft, bright and timeless images. I play with natural light and I seek the perfect frame to create elegant compositions that reveal your beauty, your love for him, for her, or for this little baby that your are looking forward to cherish.


I will be honored to meet you to witness your love. Even if I live in Gard, I travel our beautiful country whether in Provence, Brittany or Champagne to be with you to image your happiness in the most beautiful way. I invite you to continue your visit of the site to get to know me better, to see my way of working and obviously do not hesitate to contact me for any question.

Good visit.